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Benefits of Side-Hinged Garage Doors

25/01/22 14:02

Advantages of using side-hinged garage doors

Quick access
The best thing about side-hinged doors is they allow you to enter or exit the garage in minutes. 

If you have a roll-up garage door, you must wait till the entire door goes up vertically. If it is a traditional door, it needs heavy lifting. Not with these hinges doors. Just open the narrower leaf a little and you can enter the garage. 

Saves time
Sectional garage doors have to slide open section by section upwards. You have to wait till the whole door goes up. Even framed, canopy garage doors or retractable garage doors take time as the door panel has to lift upward horizontally.

In contrast, it just takes a couple of seconds to open the side-hinged doors. 

Suitable for any size of garage
Whatever be the size of your garage, you can get a side-hinged door to match it. Since they are made to measure, these doors are custom garage doors and can be made to any size.

Easy access with minimal opening
Homeowners prefer side-hinged doors as they can just open one side to fetch things like lawnmowers from inside the garage. They just need to open one door and dart across to fetch what they need.

Keep the property and garage secure 
Since these hinges doors support minimal opening, they offer excellent security. You need not fully open the door each time to access items from the garage. This additional security gives you peace of mind.

Better privacy 
Since these hinged doors can be partially opened, no one can see what is inside the garage. This offers better privacy.

Better aesthetic appeal
Side-hinged doors are slim and sleek to match any style of the garage door. They come in various color options like ruby red, traffic white, steel blue, fir green, and anthracite grey. The doors come in a wide range of designs to create a stylish garage entrance and increase your curb appeal.

Numerous material options.
Depending upon the design of garage doors, you can choose any material option for these types of doors with hinges. Metal garage doors are made of traditional steel or aluminum. Wooden garage doors are made of wooden material with a solid timber framework. Other 21st century materials being used nowadays are fiberglass, PVC, GRP, glass-reinforced polyester, etc. All can have hinges as an effectual method of operation.

Quiet operation 
If you use roll-up doors, the opening and closing will make a lot of noise. This is not the case with branch-side-hinged garage doors. These doors have a quiet operation. They open smoothly without much sound as they have few moving parts.

Easy automation
Gone are the days of manual operation of garage doors. Nowadays, garage doors have an automatic operation. Of all the types of garage doors, the side-hinged ones are easy to automate due to their sleek design.

Best for your back
If you were to use an overhead garage door for your garage, you would have to do some heavy lifting. Not so with hinged doors. These doors open sideways and do not apply any pressure on your back or spine when you open or close the door.

If you take a retractable garage door, most of it lies flush with the garage ceiling when it retracts. In the case of the canopy garage door, at least one-third protrudes outside. Side-hinged doors occupy the least space.

With security in mind, the best type of garage door you can fit is a steel garage door with hinges and a remote opener. They can withstand heavy usage and have excellent insulation properties.  Use a vertical ribs design with window options in golden oak texture for the best effect.

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