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Garage Door Repair Services

Need garage door repair services in Raleigh Charlotte or Nashville? Tip Top Garage Doors, is your desired destination. We are providers of garage door products and services to all garage owners. Doors of the garage in residential and commercial buildings are the largest moving objects prone to wear and tear process. A broken door does not only fail to function as it should but becomes very dangerous to garage users. Our repair services package is designed to prevent major door problems that may expose the premises to dangerous intruders and potential risks to users.

Our timely repair services

At Tip Top Garage Doors, we treat each call for repair services from customers as an emergency. We have scheduled repair services through which we provide preventive maintenance and services aimed at averting potential door issues. Also, we offer urgent repair services on an emergency basis for doors that fail to open or close. We provide the following repair services to our customer;

Scheduled repair services

Scheduled repair services are planned in advance for less urgent door issues. Our professional technicians take time to agree on an installation schedule that suits the desires of individual customers. However, planned repair services are handled with due urgency and completed the same day on the schedule. Most of the services under this category are preventive in nature that keeps the door functioning well and preserves the original quality of the door while preventing premature door parts replacements. Scheduled repair services include;

Urgent repair services

We have a standby technical team available to promptly respond to emergency repair calls round the clock. This team provides required repair services day and night hence ensuring that our customers are safe and stress free. The following services are provided under the urgent 24 hour repair package;

  • Broken garage doors repair services
    Repair services of broken garage doors prevent the door from falling off which may cause injuries to the users and destruction of properties. These services also save users from inconveniences and risks of possible burglary. We provide;
    • Aligning of crookedly hanging or sagging doors
    • Off-track door rollers repair
    • Half-way opening or closing doors repair
    • Slamming garage doors repair
    • Garage door panel repair
  • Broken automatic garage door openers repair
    Garage door openers may fail to function due to wear and tear or problems with the remote control mechanism. A broken door opener locks the garage users out leading to inconveniences and exposure to risks. We repair and replace the openers if need be.
  • Broken torsion and extension springs repair
    The safety of our customers comes first and that’s why we offer garage door springs repair services to garage owners. Torsion springs operate under intense pressure that makes them dangerous if fixed by an unskilled individual. We do winding and unwinding of the door springs as well as door cables repair depending on the present problem.
  • Non-responsive wireless keypads repair
    When the wireless keypad fails to respond to command either to open or close the garage door, garage users are locked out. We understand the urgency of this problem as it may happen at stupid hours of the night or early in the morning when you need to leave the house. We program and reset the keypad or replace it if need be, making the door functional once again.

Why choose us?

Tip Top Garage Doors emergency response team of technician focus on providing maximum garage users safety while fostering customers’ satisfaction. Our esteemed customers benefit from the following;

  • Affordable prices for quality services
  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Same day repair services
  • Discounts on varying repair services
  • Replacement with original garage door parts
  • Enhanced garage user safety

Call us now for professional, timely and affordable garage door repair services!

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