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How to choose your LiftMaster garage door opener

12/03/18 10:32

We’ve diligently reviewed our top pick of LiftMaster garage door openers 2018. Below you will find the opener’s model, lifting capacity, compatibility and unique features that enhance performance, opener’s durability and overall safety and security. Read carefully to choose the ideal opener for your garage door.

 LiftMaster 8587


LiftMaster 8587 Elite Series

Bothered by the heavy weight of your garage door? You can now fortify the power by installing the LiftMaster 8587 Elite Series opener. This opener is designed to efficiently lift the heavy door such as solid wood and double carriage house doors.


Here are benefits of Elite Series LiftMaster 8587:

  • Timer to close

This Elite series is designed with a timer that sends a signal for the door to automatically close at 1-99 minutes. This feature bails you out in case you forget to close the door.

  • ¾ Horse Power Motor

The opener is equipped with a powerful motor with ¾ HP, adequate to lift heavy doors of the garage. This strong motor guarantees opener’s long life even with the heaviest doors.

  •  Back up battery

A backup battery enables you to open and close the door during power outages.

  • Motor Vibration Isolation System

This opener is equipped with a motor vibration isolation system (MVIS) that ensures smooth and super quiet garage door operation.

  • Enhanced security

A security + 2.0 is installed in the opener to ensure that a new code is generated every time the button is pressed. This keeps intruders away.

  • Protector system

A protector system is in place to immediately reverse the door incase the beam light is obstructed by an object. 


  • More maintenance

LiftMaster 8587 Elite Series require more maintenance to protect the chain drive.


 LiftMaster 8365-267

LiftMaster 8365-267 Premium Series

LiftMaster 8365-267 is a premium garage door opener well crafted to fulfill the desired high performance, durability, reliability and stylish. Its features enable it to provide security and lift heavy doors.


  • Compatibility

LiftMaster 8365 series 267 is compatible with Smartphone and tablets through its PosiLock system that allows for door activity monitoring. Once the door is opened, this security feature sends pop-ups via emails or text messages.

  • ½ HP AC motor

To effectively lift the door without breaking down, the opener has a ½ HP AC chain drive P3 motor. This motor with industrial capacity saves up to 75 percent power.

  • Security plus 2.0

This system provides rolling codes for each door operations. 

  • Safety

This opener is designed using MyQ technology that transmits at least two alerts that the door is about to close down. MyQ App is downloaded and activated absolutely free of charge.

  • Less maintenance

The chain drive is normally permanently lubricated hence less maintenance.


  • Loud

LiftMaster 8365-267 Premium series operates using a chain drive hence relatively noisy.

 LiftMaster 8155

LiftMaster Model 8155

LiftMaster 8155 provide reliable performance. This opener is available in different versions designed to lift 7ft- 10ft garage doors.


  • P3 Ac motor

Its ½ HP makes it strong enough to lift relatively heavy residential and industrial doors.

  • Security +2.0

Provides a new code every time the door is opened, for heightened security.

  • MyQ App

This opener is designed with MyQ technology that transmits alerts into your phone each moment your garage door is opened.

  • Belt drive

Model 8155 opener uses a heavy duty belt drive to operate the door. The belt guarantees opener’s long life while providing quiet and smooth door operations.


  • Costly

LiftMaster 8155 garage door opener is relatively expensive.


 LiftMaster 3240

LiftMaster 3240 Premium Series

LiftMaster 3240 premium series is a chain-drive garage door opener. It is ideal for standard residential and commercial doors installed in garages in regions with harsh weather conditions.


  • P3 Motor

3240 Premium series is designed with P3 motor system with a screw and ½ HP. This makes the opener strong to carry heavy doors.

  • Quiet door operations

The opener is designed with Motor Vibration Isolation system that eliminates friction that causes noise during door operation.

  • Security plus technology

When the opener’s button is clicked, a new code is generated, thanks to the security plus technology that enhances security.

  • Homelink compatibility

This opener is compatible with homeLink for high door performance.

  • Long life

The screw is protected from friction as it is inserted in a highly lubricated channel. The channel is wear resistant hence opener’s long life.


  • Requires more maintenance compared to belt drive garage door openers.

 LiftMaster 8165

LiftMaster 8165 Chain Drive

LiftMaster 8165 chain drive garage door opener is the best choice for industrial doors. The opener is fitted with a sturdy chain that leads to high door performance.


  • Free MyQ App

Series 8165 chain drive opener is designed with MyQ technology compatible with tablets and mobile phones. This App allows for regular monitoring of door operations.

  • P3 motor

The opener has a strong motor with ½ HP adequate to lift standard residential and industrial garage doors.

  • Rolling code technology

This opener is designed with rolling code technology popularly known as Security +2.0 feature that generates a new code each time the door is opened. This prevents possible intruders from mastering the door opener’s security code.

  • PisiLock system

This system enhances door security.


  • Noisy

LiftMaster 8165 comes with a chain drive that produces relatively loud noise during door operations.

  • Frequent maintenance

This garage door opener requires frequent maintenance and lubrication due to high friction in the chain drive. Lack of proper maintenance may lead to premature wearing off of the drive.

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